The Holiday Workout Track: Stay Fit during Christmas with Instinct Fitness

This Christmas we are offering all Instinct Fitness members special access to a SugarWOD track full of simple yet effective workouts that you can do while on holiday, traveling, or if you just can’t get into the gym because the beach seemed like a more appealing way to spend the day.

So what can you expect? How can the workouts be modified? And how do you get access to the track?

Here are a few examples of the workouts you will see on the Holiday workout track along with suggestions for modifying the workouts if you have limited gear. The track will also have the same level of detailed notes around the intended stimulus of the workout, target times, and scaling options to make the workout more and less difficult.

Example #1

5 Sets (1 set every 2:00)
100m Run
8 Broad Jumps* (1-2m per jump)
100m Run


Run —–> Today let’s sub this with 30 High Knees (Left + Right = 1 rep). If you are not finishing this around the 30-second mark, then scale the number back so you can finish around that.
Broad Jumps —–> Don’t have the space to complete broad jumps, you can do Tuck Jumps instead

Example #2

EMOM 12 Minutes
Minute 1: 8+ Tempo Single Arm Dumbbell Row (left) @30X1
Minute 2: 8+ Tempo Single Arm Dumbbell Row (right) @30X1
Minute 3: 30-40 Single Under Crossovers
Minute 4: Rest


Single Arm Dumbbell Row —-> Today we can sub the row for a “Towel Row” or find a heavy object that we can hold in one hand like a water bottle, a shopping bag, or a bucket.
Crossovers —–> Get creative and find something you can use as a skipping rope or switch these out for star jumps.

Example #3

Bodyweight Box Step Overs (24″/20″)
300m Run between each round

-rest 3:00 –

Incline Push Ups OR Kipping Handstand Push Ups OR Banded Strict Press
300m Run between each round


Step Overs —-> Find something you can step up to but make sure it is stable and sturdy!
Push Ups —-> If you can’t perform any of these movements try grabbing a heavy backpack and performing shoulder to overhead with it.

How to access the Holiday Workout track on SugarWOD

All members will receive access as part of the standard membership, just go into the app and tap on the active track name (e.g. “Instinct CrossFit”) and you will see the option available in the drop-down menu. Be sure to enter your scores and give out a few fist bumps each day.

We are excited to be able to offer this to our members. It gives you another great tool to stay fit, keep yourself motivated, and stay connected to the Instinct Fitness community.