Gym Access: The Rules

We’re really excited to give you this bonus to your Committed membership package: access to the gym to do your homework!

As a coaching gym, our priorities are always:
1. To get you results
2. To do so in a clean, safe place
3. To protect the privacy of our clients.

Here’s how we’d like you to use the Access feature:

– Use the gym only outside of Group training times (6:00-8:00am, noon-1pm, and 5:00-8:00pm) including seasonal classes (kids, teens, bootcamp) are off limits for training. Please be finished before groups begin and start only after they’ve finished.
– Set up your equipment and workout area in the most efficient way. There’s plenty of equipment and plenty of space – set up your area where it will keep you moving fast and stay out of others’ way.
– Let someone know where you are. While our facility is monitored and recorded, we’re not watching the cameras every second. In case of emergency, you should let a family member or friend know you’re at the gym so they can check in on you.
– Feel free to turn on any lights you like, but please don’t adjust temperature or music controls. And, of course, turn the lights off when you leave.
– Please don’t use any door but the main one, and please don’t open any doors while you’re working out.
– Leave the gym as you found it.
– While we may add more ‘access-only’ hours in the future, right now the door access schedule won’t allow you to train before the morning classes or after evening classes. This is simply because you need sleep – and we don’t want you sacrificing that priority. ????

Gym Access Rules

  1. Gym Access is only available to members on a ‘Committed’ membership plan who have 6 months of CrossFit experience and have completed their Fundamentals course, or otherwise gained permission from management.
  2. Do not bring or otherwise allow a person who is not an approved member or guest of the facility to access the facility without the permission of management.
  3. Do not bring or otherwise allow a person younger than 18 years of age to access the facility without permission of management.
  4. Athletes alone in the gym should keep their phone nearby and ready to dial 111 in case of an emergency.
  5. Garage door must remain closed during all non-class hours.
  6. No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted in the gym at any time. No alcohol involved fitness activities are permitted without express permission from management.
  7. Only use equipment you understand how to use.
  8. Inspect the equipment to make sure it is properly functioning prior to using the equipment.
  9. Remove potential trip hazards from floor and return all weight to weight rack after you arevfinished lifting the weight.
  10. Utilize a spotter whenever lifting heavy weight.
  11. Stop exercising if you experience a potential injury and seek medical attention.
  12. Inspect your surroundings to make sure equipment and weights are not obstructing your intended exercise.
  13. Notify management and all other members using the facility if any equipment is not working properly or if you notice any potentially dangerous conditions within the facility.
  14. Return all equipment to its designated storage place after using the equipment.
  15. The gym is monitored 24/7 by surveillance camera. Do not touch, move, or unplug any security cameras.
  16. Do not turn off the music. Music is to be kept at a fixed volume throughout the day unless a class is being conducted.
  17. No items are to be taken from the Retail Store without an approved staff member present. Doing so is considered stealing and will be dealt with accordingly.
  18. Return all equipment, chalk, and/or other gym supplies to their designated storage place after using the equipment and pick up any items or rubbish brought into the gym or bathrooms. 

Failure to follow these rules will result in the following:

  • 1st Violation Verbal Warning
  • 2nd Violation $25 fine immediately charged to card on file
  • 3rd Violation $50 fine immediately charged to card on file

Additional Violations of this rule will result in additional $50 fines or will result in revocation of Gym Access and may result in termination of gym membership.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in revocation of Gym Access and may result in termination of gym membership.